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One must spoil as many canvases as one succeeds with.

— Vincent Van Gogh

About Me
Reena Surana

I experienced art through exploration and experimentation, and not with education. While my degrees in Economics and Business Management gave me an exposure of a different kind.

My journey with art was triggered during my schooling days. My art teacher in school introduced me to colors, different art forms and mediums. Since then I have been connected to the world of art. This connect remained so strong through the years that I finally landed up picking art as my career. Being passionate about art, trying every form of art came very naturally to me. I also experienced art through knitting, embroidery, crochet, rangoli making and more. I think my style evolved working with different styles and mediums.

My corporate and teaching jobs happened, but I found solace in art. It was a realization followed with conviction during my journey that my heart was in art. Apart from self-healing, it connected me with so many other souls for enabling their healing. Being a part of so many homes with my loved and cherished art forms is a priceless satisfaction. This further motivated my exploration in styles and mediums. My connect with people transformed into mentoring art lovers to express their love for art. This has been extremely gratifying.

A little about what inspires my paintings. 
My paintings from The Folk World series reflect different moods and emotions connecting cultures, traditions, nature and human way of living. Paintings in Sacred Geometry are inspired from the geometry used in the design and construction of religious structures, other sacred spaces and other natural forms. This originates from the principle of geometrical construction of the entire universe. Hand embellished series is a combination of traditional art forms and the embellishments done on prints and paintings using multiple mediums. Sculpting with clay for creating flowers, & metal embossing gives a three-dimensional effect to the art pieces. It adds to the overall effect of the art piece. Oil and Acrylic paintings come from all walks of life. Travel keeps me going. It helps me absorb the life around me and the feminine aspect of nature. This keeps the artist within me raring to explore and experiment.

My Portfolio
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Reena works from concept to creation. Her style is limitless. She flows into the process after the concept and not the other way round. This brings magical effect in every piece of art she creates.

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Expresses traditions and cultures across geographies, reflecting patterns. In form of a series it narrates the connect between nature and human way of living.

Group 7.png

Inspired from the geometrical construction of the entire universe. Inspired from the geometry used in the design and construction of religious structures and sacred spaces.

Group 45.png

Abstract masterpieces by letting pigment run amok. Offers endless creative possibilities. At its core, its learning about materials and experimenting with colour and technique. It’s fun for all ages.

Group 11.png

Blending multiple mediums. It is working on prints and paintings of traditional art forms. It pours life into flat prints and paintings. It demands tremendous precision and patience.

Group 17.png

Clay Sculpting used with other media creates the effect that stands apart. Metal Embossing an art form combines multiple media. 

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Host a variety of paintings from landscapes to human figures, man made structures to natural habitats.

Events and Exhibitions


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As the quote goes, finding your passion isn’t just about a career or money, it’s about finding your authentic self. For me this calling happened in 10th grade, I discovered my love for art and painting and since then I have never looked back. I continued to learn from different teachers the various creative art forms and techniques. Despite not having any professional art degree, I continued to evolve by learning and at later stage by teaching. After teaching a few students out of my home.....

What our clients say




“Reena is an outstanding and talented artist. We purchased one of her paintings for our office.It brought life into the office with its great combination of colours. 
We told what we were looking for and she did a marvellous job of putting our thoughts and her artistic skills together potraying it on the canvas.” 


— Deepika Kapoor

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Reena Surana


Artyfacts Studio

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